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Sightseeing flights

Letiště Přerov - Vyhlídkové lety

The sightseeing flights start at airpoirt Přerov and you can choose the route of your flight yourself! Besides the route you can choose your prefered aircraft from Zlín Z43 and L-200 Morava and duration of your flight from 20, 40 to 60 minutes.

For adventurous natures we offer Test out Pilot flights, where you can try to pilot an aircraft under the supervision of an experienced instructor.


Flight school

Letiště Přerov - Letecká škola

Petr Navrátil flight school offers pilot training courses and improvement flights. The courses are supervised by experienced instructors with transport pilot license. You can acquire PPL(A), MEP(A), IR(A) and CPL(A) pilot license in these courses.

Aircrafts C172, Z43 and L200 are available for improvement flights under the supervision of an instructor.


Aircraft maintenance

Letiště Přerov - Údržba letadel

Airport Prerov offers complete maintenance of your aircraft, part replacement and measurement of avionics. The personnel also carries out periodic maintenance of the aircrafts Let L-200A, L-200D, Zlín Z-42, Z-43, Z-142, Z-126, Z-226, Cessna C-152, C-172. The airport also offers Management and inspection of airworthiness of the aircrafts Let L-200A, L-200D, Zlín - Z-42, Z-43, Zlín Z-142, Z-126 and Z-226.

The airport offers measurement of navigation systems and radio stations Comm, Nav, DME, ELT and XPDR and other tasks on customer demand.



Letiště Přerov - Hangárování

Airport Přerov offers both short-term and long-term hangar. The aiport hangar is suitable even for larger aircrafts such as L-410 or AN-2.

The hangar is secured by monitoring device. Due to technical amenities of the hangar it is possible to service even your aircraft!


Avionics sales

Letiště Přerov - Avionika

You can buy serviced Bendix/King and Garmin avionics on our e-shop. There, you can also find ADF, Comm, DME, GPS, HF, HSI, Indicators, Nav/Comm, Radioaltmeters and Transponders.


Ikona letištěLKPO Information

Basic Information
LKPO ServiceVFR day
Prerov Radio frequency127,780
Runway length2 500m
ULL- Ultralight70 Kč
Aircraft under MTOW 1t90 Kč
Aircraft under MTOW 2t190 Kč
Aircraft over MTOW 2t130 Kč/t
Documents and Maps

Prerov Radio Frequency

2500 m

RWY length 06/24

840 m

RWY length 05/23

676 ft


Ikona službyAbout airport Prerov

Letiště Přerov
Airport history

The history of airport Prerov reaches back to 1925 when the CSR Ministry of public works searched for a land near Prerov of the size of 400x800 meters. The construction of the military airport didn't start until February 1938 but was finished only a year later. During WWII the airport was used by the German military administration. In 1946 Air base 11 for Intelligence regiment 43 was established and regular air traffic had begun. From 1958 to 1974 the airport also served as civil Cs. Airline airport. In 1995 the base of the 33rd helicoper air force was established. The Czech republic army stopped using the airport in 2013 and as of January 1st 2014 the whole airport belongs to airport LOM Prague, s.p.


Airport Prerov is national public and inernational private airport established October 1st 2013. The airport is located in the territory of the village Bochoř around 4km away from Prerov. Airport Prerov is a part of the transport network of Czech republic and the public logistics center in Prerov. Airport Prerov is essential in the competitiveness and transport serviceability of the region of Central Moravia.

Ikona službyContacts

Airport Prerov adress:

Prerov Airport
Letecka 3455/1,
Prerov 750 02
GPS: 49°26'16.149"N, 17°24'22.113"E

Contact person:

Petr Navrátil
+420 774 561 327